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The Advanced Motor Fuel (AMF) Technical Collaboration Programme (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) is going digital: AMF’s Annex 56 on Methanol as Motor Fuel has been finalised with an online seminar, hosted by the Methanol Institute on 26 October 2020. FNR, representing Germany on behalf of BMEL, has been the acting operating agent of this project. To view the recordings on YouTube, please, follow this link.

From 2-5 November 2020, FNR participated in the 60th Meeting of the AMF Executive Committee, which was held virtually due the ongoing pandemic. Most recently AMF TCP has created a new account on Twitter and has re-freshed its presence on LinkedIn and its website. AMF TCP is changing its dissemination strategy, supporting a greener environment: For example from 2021 on, the full AMF annual report will be made available digital only; the hard copy will be replaced by a leaflet, giving a general overview to AMF and activities, e.g. meetings, projects and also the annual report. The AMF outreach committee is continuously working on an eco-friendly and efficient way of communication and dissemination. By doing so, AMF is reaching out for a wider community and strengthening its well-established network and fosters new collaborations.

Overall, AMF is following a sustainable approach and is working on climate friendly fuels of the future, supporting the goal of the Green Deal that is aiming at achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

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FNR contact person: Dr. Wibke Baumgarten



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