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Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy of the European Commission

On 9 Dec 2020, the European Commission presented its ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy' together with an Action Plan of 82 initiatives for the next four years. The strategy lays the foundation for how the EU transport system can achieve its green and digital transformation and become more resilient to future crises. The expected result will be a 90% cut in emissions by 2050, delivered by a smart, competitive, safe, accessible and affordable transport system.

Sustainable renewable and low-carbon fuels will play an important role in this strategy and market uptake will need to be boosted. Two quotes from the strategy’s vision:

  • (12) All transport modes are indispensable for our transport system and this is why they must all become more sustainable. As the first pillar of our approach, we must boost the uptake of low- and zero-emission vehicles as well as renewable and low-carbon fuels for road, waterborne, air and rail transport, without further delay. We must support research and innovation (R&I) on competitive, sustainable and circular products and services, ensure that the right vehicles and fuels are supplied by the industry, put in place the necessary infrastructure, and incentivise demand by end-users. This is essential to reach our 2030 and 2050 climate targets as well as zero pollution ambition and to enable European companies to remain industrial leaders globally. Maintaining technology-neutrality across all modes is key, but this should not lead to inaction on eliminating fossil fuel-based solutions.
  • (18) Fuel suppliers and operators should now have a clear signal that transport fuels must become carbon-neutral, and that sustainable renewable and low-carbon fuels must be deployed on a large scale without delay. The Commission will consider additional measures to support these fuels, possibly through minimum share or quotas through the revision of the recast Renewable Energy Directive.

Press release: A fundamental transport transformation (


Staff Working Document with detailed analysis:

A couple of EU funded projects with FNR involvement touch the topic of renewable fuels and advanced biofuels directly and contribute to the knowledge base in this area: ETIP Bioenergy-SABS 2, SET4BIO and ADVANCEFUEL.

FNR contact person: Birger Kerckow


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