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ADVANCEFUEL – Outreach to stakeholders at the IBioIC Conference in Glasgow

Information about the FNR-led ADVANCEFUEL project was shared at the “Industrial Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future Conference” in Glasgow on 30/31 January. The project’s consortium members Thomas Christensen and Asha Singh, researcher at the Imperial College London, presented some of the main results at a booth and interacted with many attendees working in the field of biotechnology and circular economy.

Networking opportunities arose from the conference and the project partners will reach out to several participants engaged in the production of advanced biofuels for interviews on best practice scenarios (political and operational) along the advanced fuels value chain.

About 450 stakeholders attended this event. This made it an ideal opportunity for the project to deliver and discuss relevant results and to promote ADVANCEFUEL’s Stakeholder Platform, which allows the market players to follow the project work more closely and to contribute to some of its main outputs.



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