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BioBIGG Project Meeting and Workshop on unlocking innovation potentials in bio-based value chains.

Last week, the BioBIGG consortium met in Roskilde, Denmark, for a workshop that dealt with the implementation of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area and examples of promising utilisation of residues and development of bio-based value chains.

External speakers attended from the Danish Material Network, the Guldborgsund Community, PlanEnergie and Dacofi.

They are all part of the bioeconomy and presented their affiliation and commitment to the topic, e.g. networking, promoting the bioeconomy within a community or using straw for biogas plants.

If you want to know more about upcoming workshops or project outputs, please contact the project co-ordinator or sign-up for the project newsletter, which keeps you updated about the work of the BioBIGG consortium.

The agenda and possible contacts are accessible on the project website.

Moreover, the BioBIGG consortium met in Roskilde, to have a project meeting to discuss the recent findings and planned the output for the first half of 2019. You can expect reports on state-of-the-art of the bioeconomy in the respective regions of the South Baltic Area and reports on value chains (straw, waste, wood, sugar).
Further, the consortium will organise more workshops on bioeconomy business development, pre-feasibility assessments and camps about development of the bioeconomy in the future.

Within BioBIGG FNR is leading a Work Package and engages in the task to build a transnational network of stakeholders in the South Baltic Region.

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