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IEA-AMF Newsletter 3-2018

The technology cooperation platform IEA Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF) published its latest newsletter in December. The upcoming 57th ExCo Meeting will take place from 14 17 May 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. The focus of the current English edition is on Asia, as well as on Europe and North America; it includes various contributions to fuels from renewable raw materials as well as to alternative fuels, activities in IEA-AMF, legal frameworks and events, including:

  • China: ethanol production
  • Biofuels and/or electrification?
  • Conversion of residues to aviation fuel
  • BASF produces EU REDcert methanol
  • Decarbonisation of road traffic by LNG
  • Japan: Construction of a large-scale hydrogen production plant
  • Publications: ACEA report: vehicles in use - Europe 2018, Biofuels in East Asia, Alternative fuels for greener shipping, Application of electric vehicles, Renewable methane as fuel

Link: IEA-AMF Newsletter 3/2018, subscribe to the newsletter

The FNR is a contract partner of IEA-AMF and represents Germany on behalf of the BMEL.

FNR is contracting partner in IEA-AMF and represents Germany on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.




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