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International Conference on ‘Bioeconomy Business Development & Innovation’ - 18 June 2019, Alnarp (Sweden)

The Interreg project BioBIGG hosts an international conference on BIOECONOMY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION on 18 June 2019 in Lund (Sweden).
There will be presentations on utilisation of by-products to improve climate and environment, wetland biomass for district heating, utilisation of potato starch, regional production of polymers and others. You’ll find more information on the registration link.


The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) leads the Work Package “Building a cross-border sustainable bioeconomy network in the South Baltic area”.

Stay tuned and visit the BioBIGG Homepage.

More information on international activities of the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) under:

FNR contact person: Moritz Westkämper


The BioBIGG project is funded by the Interreg South Baltic Programme, co-funded by the European Union fund ERDF.



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