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SEEMLA final event and joint ADVANCEFUEL SEEMLA workshop, 20-21 Nov 2018 in Brussels

SEEMLA & ADVANCEFUEL projects held a shared event the 20th- 21st of November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. These projects are coordinated by the FNR, and funded by the EU H2020 programs.

The first part of the event consisted of the SEEMLA final conference, which implemented a sustainable land-use strategy for a sustainable production of plant-based energy on marginal lands. The so-called, “SEEMLA approach” was developed as an integrated set of environmental, ecological, social, economic, and biophysical criteria, in order to re-convert degraded and marginal lands in the name of the production of bioenergy.  

The results of the ending SEEMLA project were shared with a broad group of stakeholders (scientists, farmers, foresters, policy decision makers, etc.)

In this context, the ADVANCEFUEL stakeholders’ workshop brought together a number of other relevant topics related to European projects and relevant stakeholders, to discuss innovative cropping systems and the supply chains for lignocellulosic biomass. MAGIC, GRACE, FORBIO, BECOOL, uP-running, and LIBBIO, are all EU funded projects that presented their results and specific case studies at the conference.





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