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The ERA-Net Cofund on Biotechnologies is a new ERA Net Cofund Action under Horizon 2020 that will build upon the achievements of ERA-IB-2 (ERA-Net for Industrial Biotechnology 2), ERASysAPP (ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology) and ERASynBio (ERA-Net for Synthetic Biology).

ERA CoBioTech brings together 21 funding organisations from 18 countries and was started with the launch of a cofunded call for transnational R&D proposals on 01.12.2016.

The key mission of ERA CoBiotech is to:

  • maximise synergies between current mechanisms of biotechnology research funding in Europe,
  • foster the exchange of knowledge across borders,
  • highlight the benefits of a bio-based economy for society,
  • maintain and strengthen Europe’s position in biotechnology.

Next to the cofunded call additional activities are planned:

  • additional joint calls
  • developing a Strategic Innovation and ResearchAgenda for ERA CoBioTech
  • Establishment of European Biotechnology Hub

In ERA CoBioTech, FNR is responsible for the preparation of the cofunded call and is further majorly involved in the organization of status seminars for the funded projects and training Workshops for the Biotechnology Hub stakeholders.

Joint cofunded Call „Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy“

The cofounded call „Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy“raised a greath awareness by the academia and industry in the biotechnology domain and  was closed on 02.03.2017 13:00 (CET). 

Further information about ERA CoBioTech and the cofunded call:

 FNR contact person: Dr. Boris Vashev, Tel. 03843 6930-162

ERA CoBioTech Logo

Biotech Hub Workshop: Communication for impact

From the 11th to the 12th of June 2018 in the congress centre in Schmerlenbach, Germany, 22 representatives of projects funded within the cofunded call of ERA CoBioTech participated in the first workshop organized by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), within the framework of the European Biotech Hub. The European Biotech Hub was established by ERA CoBioTech with the aim of empowering biotechnology stakeholders with tailor-made support regarding information, communication, networking and research funding.

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The Biotech Hub workshop participants enjoyed the quiet hospital venue in Schmerlenbach and experienced a very productive and inspiring workshop (Source: FNR/Vashev)

Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy: Kick-off event @ ACHEMA 2018

Coordinators and representatives of 22 research projects funded through the 1st ERA CoBioTech call, co-funded by the European Union, presented their starting research projects on June 13-14, 2018 in a kick-off event organised by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) at the ACHEMA 2018 congress in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The four sessions of the event, entitled “Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy” attracted more than 100 visitors. The audience learned about some of the excellent R&D transnational projects combining innovative interdisciplinary approaches, which aim to contribute to the transformation of the global bioeconomy from a dependence on fossil raw materials to a sustainable biobased economy.

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Source: FNR/Vashev

ERA CoBioTech has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 722361.






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