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GBEP - Global Bioenergy Partnership

The „Global Bioenergy Partnership“ (GBEP) was launched on the occasion of the 14th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-14) in 2006 and has received G8 mandates in the following years. GBEP has the clearly defined mission to promote the wider production and use of modern bioenergy, particularly in the developing world where traditional use of biomass is prevalent. It shall provide a mechanism for Partners to organise, coordinate and implement targeted international research, development, demonstration and commercial activities related to production, delivery, conversion and use of biomass for energy, with a focus on developing countries.
GBEP comprises 23 countries and 15 international organisations and institutions. A further 29 countries and 13 International Organisations and institutions are participating as Observers. Germany is represented by the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) supports BMEL for relevant activities.

Further information:

FNR contact person:  Dr. Wibke Baumgarten



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