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Sustainability of biomass is of key importance to FNR and due to trade of biomass feedstocks and products an international issue. Therefore FNR has not only supported the development of a leading sustainability certification system ISCC, but contributes also to international sustainability standardization. Since 2010 ISO standard 13065 “Sustainability criteria for bioenergy” has been under development. Chairmanship and secretariat of the committee in charge of developing the standard, ISO/PC/248, were held by Brazil and Germany in a twinned partnership. ISO/PC 248  brought together international expertise and state-of-the-art best practice to discuss the social, economic and environmental aspects of the production, supply chain, and use of bioenergy, and identify criteria that could prevent it from being environmentally destructive or socially harmful.

The global standard ISO 13065 was published on 11 September 2015. It helps avoiding technical barriers to trade on bioenergy and disseminate technical know-how. In addition to tackling social and environmental issues, the standard is aiming to make bioenergy more competitive to the benefit of both national and international markets.

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