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CEN European Committee for Standardization

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has developed a number of technical and sustainability standards with relevance for bioenergy and bioproducts.

CEN has developed a number of technical standards for biofuels as well as other bioenergy carriers, often liaising with the European Commission. For more details please visit the website of the European Committee for Standardization and the website  "Biofuels standards" of the European Commission.  

The Technical Committee CEN/TC 383 “Sustainability Criteria for biomass” works on standards directly supporting the implementation of the European Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC. The aim is to define criteria which support the evidence for sustainable produced biomass for energetic use. Only biomass with a proof of sustainability can be taken into account when calculating the achievement of the targets for the share of renewable energy laid down in the directive.

In Germany the DIN-Committee NA 172-00-10 AA  “Sustainability Criteria for Biomass” is the responsible  committee for standardisation in the field of sustainable bioenergy at national, European and international level in Germany.

FNR contact person: Birger Kerckow


Under the umbrella of CEN, also a number of technical and environmental standards for bioproducts are under development. Standards may have a key role in achieving market transparency and a level playing field for all actors. Examples of issues addressed are the biobased content of products, functionality and environmental behaviour. The product groups of bio-solvents, bio-lubricants and bio-plastics have been covered first.

FNR contact person: Dr Norbert Holst


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