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SCAR Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group

The SCAR Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group is a successor to the SCAR Strategic Working Group on Sustainable Bioresources for a Growing Bioeconomy (SCAR SWG SBGB).

The Bioeconomy encompasses the production of renewable, biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products, including chemicals, and bioenergy. The added value of the bioeconomy lies in the integration of these different fields. There is a need for a strategic discussion between Member States and the EU Commission what the further development of a sustainable bioeconomy means for research and innovation, policy alignment and regulation. The BSW has the ambition to oversee and work together with different initiatives on national and European level, and to use this position to give advice on actions needed from a Member States perspective, especially related to research.

The aim of the Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group is twofold. On the one hand, the group aims at facilitating a platform for an informal exchange among MS on national activities, strategies and the implementation of strategies in different action areas. In this way, also investments in research, innovation and entrepreneurship and skills among the whole supply chain can be effectively coordinated at EU-level among MS. It is therefore possible to detect and make use of synergies between programs, boost knowledge creation in bioeconomy related areas and, hence, support EU research activities. On the other hand, the BSW aims at supporting the European Commission in the revision of the EU-Bioeconomy strategy by delivering specific recommendations based on a comparative analysis aiming at defining the differences between the current EU-Bioeconomy strategy and the needs and key areas of interest related to the Bioeconomy of the MS/AC as expressed in their national strategies or through the active evolvement of MS/AC representatives. At this moment, there are different groups/organizations preparing a strategy or discussion paper on the Bioeconomy (e.g. FAO, OECD, industry). The BSW has the ambition to oversee these initiatives, try to prevent inventing the wheel again, and to convert the combined output into action points that can be presented to the EU Commission and provide valuable input to the review of the EU Bioeconomy strategy.

FNR contact person: Philipp von Bothmer



SCAR - Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group