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IEA - Technology Collaboration Programme Advanced Motor Fuels

Since December 2009, Germany has been represented by FNR in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) "Advanced Motor Fuels" (AMF) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP), IEA-AMF TCP.

The IEA-AMF TCP is committed to promoting research, development and market introduction of modern fuels. It also serves as an international information platform. The AMF was founded in 1984 and has now built up a strong international network. Fifteen countries are currently participating in the AMF implementation agreement and its activities in areas such as B. fine dust emissions, standardisation, and environmental impact or raw material alternatives. With all these groups of interested parties from different continents, knowledge and research capacities in the field of advanced and sustainable fuels can be collected and used. Both regional and local conditions are taken into account in research and development.

The modern fuels, which are examined within the scope of the AMF include alcohols, ethers, esters, gaseous fuels (e.g. natural gas, biogas, hydrogen), synthetic fuels, those for new types of engines and fuel cells. In addition to fuels and their value chains, AMF is also dedicated to research into drive systems and exhaust after-treatment systems.

The work is carried out in individual projects, which are referred to as "annexes". Over the years, more than 50 annexes have been initiated or carried out. A number of fuels have already been covered (e.g. newly formulated fuels such as diesel and gasoline or biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel). The Executive Committee (ExCo) meets twice a year to discuss the results of the projects carried out, the work program and new trends.

The national contact is the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR).

Further information: IEA-AMF


German contact persons: Lena Huck, FNR and Birger Kerckow, FNR




IEA - Technology Collaboration Programme Advanced Motor Fuels