InternationalFachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V.


FNR funds and supervises about 400 projects per year

These projects focus on elements of the bioeconomy not involved in general food production (bio-based economy). Additionally, FNR (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.) funds projects in the framework of the Forest and Climate Fund, and serves as a host to the Competence Centre for Forests and Wood.

In addition to these activities, FNR regularly administers information and recommendations to a wide range of different target groups, while simultaneously supporting the market introduction of products produced from renewable resources. By means of various publications and events, FNR ensures that specialists stay informed regarding the latest scientific developments, while also increasing public awareness of renewable resources and bio-based products.

FNR is involved in respective activities on European and international level. The use of renewable resources continues to stand as a critical topic with global relevance.  Many other countries are active in this area, due to the fact that resources need to be utilised in a more sustainable way in order to tackle climate change, which will be a global effort. In order to accelerate this development, the coordination of efforts to mitigate climate change must be synergised so that overlaps across national boundaries do not occur. FNR has and will continue to contribute to the coordination and knowledge transfer needed within the sector, and has already been actively participating in various transnational projects and international partnerships for several years. The emphasis of this involvement lies on bio-based products, industrial biotechnology and bioenergy – with a particular focus on biofuels. FNR has been intensifying its international commitment over many years, and has developed into an internationally recognised and renowned institution in the field of renewable resources, bio-based products and the bio-based economy.

Apart from the expertise regarding state-of the art advancements in scientific and technological development within the bio-based economy sectors, FNR’s main services and competencies regarding international projects are:

  • Coordination and management of projects
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication and dissemination activities
  • Policy analysis and studies

FNR additionally acts as an advisor to the Federal Government, Federal States, industry, the agricultural and forestry sectors - as well as other interested parties. Consumer information is of vital importance, and for this purpose, FNR offers expert advisory services on raw materials and products. This includes their usage, their convenience and their potential positive effects on the environment and human health.

This website provides the user with an overview of the European and international activities conducted at FNR, and has been published in English to provide the most accessibility. If you would like to know more about the broad range of tasks carried out by the FNR, please follow this link to the automatically translated page.



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