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FNR is always looking for interesting possibilities for EU-project cooperation

As the central coordinating agency in the area of renewable resources in Germany, FNR is most interested to exchange information with different actors from Research and Development, R&D-funding, public administration and policy. To improve transnational cooperation and to stay at the forefront of developments in Europe, and to support a growing sustainable renewable resources sector and the bioeconomy FNR is always looking for partners to collaborate in EU-funded projects. We have extensive experiences as partner and coordinator of Horizon 2020 Projects, INTERREG, Erasmus+ and other bilateral or international projects.

If you feel FNR could contribute to your own vision of transnational R&D cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Vincent Pelikan

    Referent EU/Internationales

    • Projekt: IEA AMF
    • Projektvorbereitung, Gremienarbeit

  • Thies Fellenberg

    Referent EU/Internationales

    Projekt: ENERGY BARGE

  • Philipp von Bothmer

    Referent EU/Internationales

    Projekte: Projektvorbereitung, Gremienarbeit

For general enquiries, please send your request to info(at)

If you have special questions regarding the projects or initiatives, please contact the person in charge of the project / initiatives (see respective description).