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Allthings.bioPRO’s serious game and app now available to download

AllThings.BioPRO has released the serious game Mission BioHero and the Label BioHero app designed to help people of all ages to live more sustainably and become ambassadors for change.

Finally, after almost three years of hard work the serious game Mission BioHero and the Label BioHero app are now available in App Store and Google Play Store. Using so-called co-creation approaches, the ideas, perceptions and wishes of citizens from five European countries (the countries of origin of the project partners) on the bioeconomy and bio-based products were collected and incorporated into the development of the two applications. By playing the game and using the app anonymised data is aggregated that will be useful for policymakers, brand owners and organisations, and the bio-based industry as it gives ideas about the citizens expectation and knowledge of the bioeconomy.

The game: Mission BioHero

In Mission BioHero ( the player supports humanity in its quest to embrace a fully bio-based lifestyle. The game consists of eight campaigns, each focusing on a specific theme introducing the player to the bioeconomy, ecolabels, greenwashing and provides ideas of how to change habits for the better. The campaigns feature activities such as quizzes; real-life and in-game tasks; so-called city-builders, which are mini-games with the goal to turn a city with a non-sustainable value chain into a bio-based one; special skills that award specific abilities and in-game points; and a glossary summarising important definitions. Currently the game is available in English and German only, but Dutch and Italian versions will follow soon.

Everyone with a mobile phone or tablet can play Mission BioHero. Players typically are students, teachers, bioeconomy stakeholders and citizens with an interest in the bioeconomy and sustainable living. The game can be played from the age of 12. For young people between 12 and 15, a contact person should be available with whom terminologies and questions can be discussed. Therefore, a handbook will soon be available that suggests scenarios for teachers on how they can integrate the game into their classes. The manual also contains the answers to the quiz questions. The game could also be of interest to vocational training centres.

The app: Label BioHero

With Label BioHero (, (eco-)logos, labels and EU certificationschemes can be scanned or entered manually into the search field.  The app then provides information on what the (eco-)label stands for, on which products it can be found on, which citeria it covers, what it guarantees and who owns or operates the label.  Specifically, it focuses on non-food, non-energy bio-based products, such as packaging made from bio-based plastics and textiles made from organic cotton. The app is only available in English and covers the following categories:

  1. Bio-based content
  2. Sustainability of forestry biomass
  3. Textiles
  4. End-of-life (what happens at the end of the product lifetime, such as biodegradability)
  5. Multi-issue (labels that cover more than one environmental aspect, e.g. Blue Angel)
  6. Others (labels that are not directly related to bio-based or biodegradable products, as they deal with topics such as fair trade or recycling).

FNR contact person: Valerie Sartorius

FNR coordinates the Horizon 2020 project Allthings.bioPRO

Project duration: September 2020 to August 2023

Project Partners in the consortium:

Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.) | DE (coordination)

BTG Biomass Technology Group BV | NL

Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. | DE

Foundazione iCons | IT

nurogames GmbH | DE

Prospex Institute | BE

Institute of Baltic Studies | EE

Fashion for Good BV | NL

Stichting De Natuur – en Milieufederaties | NL

Tartu Environmental Education Centre | EE

Vetenskap & Allmänhet | SE

Laboratorio Interculturale di Ricerca e di Promozione della Condizione (H)umana | IT


Allthings.bioPRO is funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant number 887070). The JU receives support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Bio-based Industries Consortium.



Mission BioHero

Mission BioHero

Label BioHero

Label BioHero