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EUFORE – Stakeholders start elaborating future R&I topics for forests and the forest-based sector

On 15 November more than 60 stakeholders from 30 EU and non-EU countries, attended the EUFORE online kick-off meeting for the Thematic Working Groups (TWG) organised and implemented by FNR.

The kick-off meeting of the TWGs indicated the starting point of a new phase of stakeholder engagement within the EUFORE project. In a first phase, stakeholders from the forest-based sector discussed the future research and innovation topics within the sector. In several workshops in six European regions, 183 participants had gathered more than 2,000 ideas and comments. They addressed different aspects from symbiosis of fungi and trees and the associated positive or negative development of trees, the use of soil-friendly timber harvesting technology, the development of wood-based chemicals, the more efficient use of calamity wood, or the implementation of social campaigns for more forest- and climate-friendly consumer behaviour.   

FNR viewed, sorted and organised the collected ideas and comments. Now, it is the task of the stakeholders, participating in the four TWGs, to elaborate these comments and ideas in draft chapters of the SRIA grouped among the four main topics “Forest Ecology”, “Forest Management”, “Forest Products” and “Social Aspects & Policy”.

In the kick-off meeting, the EUFORE stakeholders learnt about the structure and functions of the TWGs, and how they can participate in the process of elaborating the SRIA in a co-creative and participatory manner. This co-creation approach ensures that the needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders are sufficiently considered and future research and innovation activities related to forests and the forest-based sector reflect the stakeholders´ demands.

A first draft of the SRIA chapters is expected to be presented in the first quarter of 2024.  The process of stakeholder engagement will be continued and a second round of regional stakeholder workshops is planned for late summer 2024.

Any stakeholders that interested in contributing to the elaboration of the SRIA are invited to express their interest by filling in the stakeholder survey of the EUFORE project.

The Horizon Europe project "EUFORE" is implemented by FNR together with 14 partner organizations. The FNR organizes the participation processes to involve stakeholders in the development of the research and innovation agenda.


FNR contact person: Jan Schmidt