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GenB Project is looking for young bioeconomy ambassadors – Open Call for Application until 30 November 2023

The GenB project is a European project, which aims to raise awareness on the bioeconomy building on communication and education that encourage and reward the young generation to take a role in steering the transition towards more sustainable lifestyles. FNR is supporting the project implementation as advisory partner.

GenB has published an Open Call to find so called Bioeconomy Ambassadors. These ambassadors shall:

  1. Make themselves heard in political decisions, dialoguing with communities, students and civil society, and politicians at national and European level
  2. Raise awareness for the bioeconomy especially in youth communities in their country
  3. Contribute to the GenB project’s social media channels to raise awareness about the role of the bioeconomy in everyone’s life
  4. Participate in the GenB events to inform and inspire others about sustainable and circular bioeconomy

The project is looking for dedicated individuals eager to reach out to communities, students and civil society and raise awareness on social media about the role of the Bioeconomy in everyone’s life.

More information about this Open Call and how to apply can be found on the GenB website. The current submission round looks for applications until the 30 November 2023.  

Launched in November 2022, GenB is a 30-month project, funded by Horizon Europe, the European Union’s funding programme for research and innovation. 

FNR contact person: Martin Behrens