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Bioenergy Promotion

The aim of "Bioenergy Promotion" was to promote and to increase the sustainable use of bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region. The project brought together 34 partners from ten countries and served as a platform for cross-sectoral and transnational networking to facilitate information and knowledge exchange, a coordinated policy development and application of bio-energy promotion instruments. Sustainability criteria for biomass supply, use and trade were developed and these policy guidelines contributed to the development and implementation of national and regional biomass action plans.

Bioenergy Promotion was approved as a strategic project in the Baltic Sea Region Programme. It has reinforced sustainable agriculture and forestry and improved the functioning of the energy market, facilitated the creation of networks, clusters and public-private partnerships in the bioenergy sector and fostered conditions that support the Baltic Sea Region in reaching the 20% target for renewable energies by 2020. The project ended in January 2012.

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