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The Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) Programme offered funding for the improvement of energy sustainability to create an energy-intelligent future within the EU. The focus of support was on energy efficiency and renewable energy policies in order to reach the corresponding EU 2020 targets.
Treating issues related to the efficient and sustainable supply chain of biomass for energy production, the project “Strategic Initiative for Resource Efficient Biomass Policies”, in short “BiomassPolicies”, became eligible under the IEE and was funded over three years, starting on April 2013 and ending on March 2016.
The main objective of the BiomassPolicies project was to develop integrated policies for the mobilisation of “resource efficient” indigenous bioenergy value chains. The aim was that these policies will contribute to the fulfilment of national bioenergy targets (e.g. set out in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs)) and support the implementation of associated EU targets. The project was expected to deliver the following major outputs and results:

  • Guidelines for data collection to monitor sustainable biomass supply
  • Outlook of spatial biomass value chains
  • Guidelines for selecting the most resource efficient value chains
  • Map of the feedstock-related policy landscape
  • Benchmarking of existing policy approaches
  • Development of an integrated policy framework
  • Active involvement of national administrations, the industry and other market stakeholders
  • Translation of the developed policy framework into improved national policy legislation

The project BiomassPolicies was coordinated by the Imperial College London and consisted of 17 partners from ten EU countries (United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Spain) and one acceding country (Croatia). Partners represented universities, research institutes, energy agencies, associations and market actors. The German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) contributed to the data acquisition, supported the exchange among stakeholders and shared the “German” experience with partners in order to facilitate the design of resource-oriented policy frameworks. On the German side FNR cooperated with the other German project partner, the German Energy Agency (dena).

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