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ERA-IB (ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology), a network of organisations from 12 countries, was funded under the 6th Framework Programme from November 2007 till December 2011, with the vision to reduce the fragmentation of national research in the area of  industrial biotechnology.

ERA-IB’s objective was to support economic and academic IB players in sharing risks, costs and skills related to innovation in order to develop new knowledge, new products, technologies or supply services that could reach the market more efficiently. It was aimed to establish cross-border partnerships between industrial and academic IB research, to improve and to accelerate technology transfer, and to strength European efforts to achieve sustainable industrial development. These goals have been achieved by implementing common calls for trans-national R&D projects. The first such call opened in February 2008. A partnering workshop was organised in early March to bring interested researchers from different countries together. The proposals which passed the pre-proposal stage successfully were evaluated by external experts. The projects selected for funding after the second evaluation stage started in the beginning of 2009. The second ERA-IB joint call was published in early 2010, with the successful projects starting in early 2011.

The successful work of the partners will be continued in ERA-IB-2 under the 7th Framework Programme.

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