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The IEE-funded project EUBIONET III, started in 2008 and ended in 2011, aimed to increase the use of biomass-based fuels in the EU by finding ways to overcome market barriers with the following tasks:

  • Analyse of national biomass programmes and biomass fuel potentials, especially with a view to different industrial residues and to agro-biomass
  • Promotion of the international biomass fuel trade, analyse of price mechanisms and proposition of new CN codes for biomass fuels
  • Development of certification and sustainability criteria for biomass fuels in co-operation with market actors
  • Support of the implementation of new CEN standards for solid biofuels
  • Promotion of bioenergy use by raising awareness on the topic of biomass heating and cooling
  • Assessment of the appropriate use of biomass resources by analysing raw material availability within and between the bioenergy, forestry and agricultural sector

For additional information on EUBIONET III, please visit the  project website .



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