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Completed EU projects (archive)


BECOTEPSbrought together nine Technology Platforms (TPs) working in the “knowledge-based bio-economy” (KBBE). The aim of this project, which was funded through the 7th Framework Programme, was to improve cooperation between the different TPs, enhance the implementation of the respective Strategic Research Agendas und thereby contribute to the creation of a strong KBBE. As a partner in BECOTEPS, FNR represented the European Biofuels Technology Platform. One core instrument of the project was a series of three workshops for the stakeholders involved in the different TPs (industries, research, policy makers, funding agencies, lobby groups), which resulted in recommendations for future R&D and policy foci. These recommendations have subsequently been summarised in a strategic document (“THE EUROPEAN BIOECONOMY IN 2030 - Delivering Sustainable Growth by addressing the Grand Societal Challenges”), as base for discussions with decision makers on national as well as on EU levels. BECOTEPS started in March 2009 and ended in February 2011.


EUBIONET II started in 2005 and ended 31st December 2007. The project analysed current and future trends on the biomass fuel market, collected feedback on CEN 335 biofuel standards from different market actors and estimated the techno-economic potential of biomass fuels until 2010. 30 different solid biofuel supply chains were studied, and the most suitable trading and business models for small- and large-scale biofuel supply chains selected, taking into account sustainability aspects. Furthermore, the implementation of EU Directives in the member states, legislative differences and the major driving forces of biomass markets in EU25 were also studied. Target groups of the project were biomass fuel traders and users, fuel producers, suppliers and policy makers. Key associations, i.e. AEBIOM and CEPI, participated in the project and disseminated information to various stakeholders. Publications and further info can be fund at The work of EUBIONET II is being continued under the new project EUBIONET III.


Chemical-Technical Utilisation of Vegetable Oils (CTVO-net): The project aimed to improve the exchange of information between national and European support for research activities in the field of the industrial usage of vegetable oils. In order to analyse application and sales opportunities of European oils, workshops were organised. The thematic scope of each workshop was divided between six teams and results were published in paper form as well as electronically. The participants of this project came from F, DK, E, NL and UK and experts from all European Member States took part in the realisation of the workshops. The project started 1st April 1998 and was completed 30th September 2000. 

ET Bioenergy

Starting in March 2005, ET Bioenergy (INTERREG III) studied the impact of emission trading and national frameworks on biofuel trade. Aspects  included trade in raw or processed biomass, electricity and emission certificates, as well as the implementation of JI projects. ET Bioenergy, coordinated by Finnish VTT, was completed in December 2006. Further inforamtion and project reports are accessible on

ERA Biomass

The project improved information exchange on national frameworks, funding schemes, research activities and players in the field of biomass and bioenergy. With its main output, a mapping of research activities within the member countries, ERA Biomass can be seen as the predecessor of following projects such as ERA-Net Bioenergy.