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WoodWisdom-Net Plus

WoodWisdom-Net was a European network of research funding organisations from AT, CH, DE, FI, FR, IE, LV, NO, SE, SI, SK and the UK, coordinated by TEKES (FI). The aim was to improve coordination between national support programmes, to build up a lasting transnational collaboration on R&D funding in the forest and wood sector, and to thereby improve the competitiveness of the European forest and wood industries. Since 2004 the network was funded as a “classic” ERA-Net under the 6th and 7th FP, since 2012 as ERA-NET+.

WoodWisdom-Net has launched four Joint Calls:

  • 1st Joint Call (2006) – “Wood production/properties and New wood-based products, efficient processes and sustainable forestry“ – 17 funded projects
  • 2nd Joint Call (2009) – “ Sustainable competitive processing and end-use concepts for forest based industries” - 9 funded projects
  • 3rd Joint Call (2010) together with ERA-NET Bioenergy – „Sustainable forest management and optimised use of lignocellulosic resources“- 13 funded projects
  • 4th Joint Call (2013) – “Sustainable management of forest resources; Industrial processes; Value added products; Competitive customer solutions“ - 23 funded projects

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) participates in this network via FNRs funding programme “Renewable Resources”. FNR was further responsible for call implementation and is involved in the call office.

Details on past WoodWisdom activities can be obtained from

WoodWisdomNet+ ends in November 2017 but the network will continue to cooperate and launch calls in the new ForestValue network.


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WoodWisdomNet+ has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Programme under the Grant Agreement No 321573.

WoodWisdomNet2 has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 235066.






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