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Biorefinery pathways and outlook for deployment

In February 2021 the study, Biorefineries pathways and outlook for deployment (Lot3) was finalised. The study on behalf of the European Commission, DG Research, aimed to provide an outlook for integrated chemical/material - based biorefineries, which shall be taken up by stakeholders to shape the future of a sustainable bioeconomy. The engagement of representatives of economy, science, policy and society at the regional, national and EU level was a key focus of the study.

Within the course of the study, a classification system for different types of biorefineries and the products they could produce was developed. Furthermore, the attractiveness of different bio-based products and their market potential was determined by identifying the drivers and benefits of chemical/material - based biorefineries and bio-based products. The study also assessed the development needs for commercial exploitation, using political frameworks for the promotion of bio-based products as well as taking into consideration environmental and social concerns. All results of the study add up towards the development of a roadmap for biorefinery deployment in the EU to 2030 containing two scenarios for the potential ramp-up of biorefinery deployment based on technology, market and resource considerations. The roadmap also looks at the number of biorefineries in the EU, installed capacity by volume and capital investment in new biorefinery construction, type of actions required by different actors and impact in terms of sustainability and social benefit.

The roadmap for deployment is available under

Duration: 14 months, 12/ 2019 – 02/2021

External Collaborators: E4Tech, Wageningen Research, BTG, iCons

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The tender study was commissioned by the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) under Horizon 2020.




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