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ADVANCEFUEL – EU H2020 project

ADVANCEFUEL Workshop on market barriers and feedstock availability & suitability, Gothenburg, Sweden, 20 Sep 2018

The EU H2020 project ADVANCEFUEL is coordinated by FNR and aims to facilitate the market roll-out of advanced biofuels and other liquid renewable fuels in the transportation sector between 2020 and 2030, with an outlook on post-2030 impacts. ADVANCEFUEL generates new knowledge, tools, standards and recommendations that will help to overcome barriers to the commercialisation of renewable transport fuels.
In a comprehensive manner, the project will address all main steps of the value chain and is regularly looking for the involvement of stakeholders to verify and further specify project results. This interactive approach will guarantee the development of more realistic and user-friendly tools and recommendations.

In this context, the ADVANCEFUEL consortium organises a workshop on market barriers and feedstock availability & suitability with the aim to discuss the newest project’s results with market players from the renewable transport fuel sector. The workshop will be held on 20 September at Chalmers University, Johanneberg Campus, in Gothenburg, which is close to the location of the Advanced Biofuel Conference that is taking place on the preceding days.

The workshop will concentrate on the main barriers to the market roll out of advanced biofuels and other liquid renewable fuels. Furthermore, the availability of lignocellulosic biomass and its suitability for being converted into advanced biofuels, and the challenges connected with this, will be addressed. The half-day workshop will start at 12:30 and finish at 16:15. The format of the workshop is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions among the participating experts by combining presentations and structured discussions with the audience. The event is free of charge to any interested participant. Registration is required due to a limited number of seats. For registration and more information on the programme, please click here.

The ADVANCEFUEL consortium looks forward to your participation and welcomes you to a half-day of interesting and fruitful discussions!

More information on our activities and results can be found at the ADVANCEFUEL Website.

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